We are a leading company of metallic yarn production with world’s top level technology.


We will always do our best to provide high quality products at fair price for the satisfaction of our clients from all over the world.

management philosophy

We will develop unique technologies and products to empower the possibilities of fashion. We will strive to provide products and services for the satisfaction of our clients. We will be socially responsible and actively address environmental issues at the same time. Our motivation is “Dream.”
company name Narikawa Co., Ltd.
TEL +81-75-415-0222
FAX +81-75-432-3005
adress 81-1 Itsutsujicho Kamigyo-ku Kyoto City,
Kyoto Prefecture 602-8446 Japan
Name of Representative CEO Koichi Narikawa



International Distribution

We are happy to serve international orders. Please feel free to contact us through our contact form for inquiries.
We are also open to international distributors, especially if specialized in high quality textiles in Europe and North America.

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